Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Inhabitant Lost in the Sea Walkthrough - Part 2

Part 2:

Now in the new room tap on the plant vase. To move it away press the buttons in the order shown by the napkins clue. Take the knife that you revealed, and also note the clue made from hearts and diamonds.

Now look under the rattan chair. Use the pliers to break the wood bar and take a second golden coin.

In the dining area tap the faucets as shown by the clue: "RIGHT-LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT". The water will fill the pot and you will find a silver key inside.

Now use the knife to cut the fabric on the chair near the sofa. You will find a paper with some symbols on it. Go to the large cabinet next to the laptop, use the silver key to open the door with the mirror inside. Flip the mirror and put the paper in place to reveal a code: "9524".

Now use the code "9524" to open the drawer of the cabinet near the stairs. You will find a piece of paper with ca code on it: "R2 L4".

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