Monday, September 22, 2014

Logic Dots Solutions

Logic Dots is a brilliant puzzle game made by ingames. Logic dots aim is to place the given dots on the board. Only problem is that each line and column has an fixed number of dots that can be placed on. In theory is a easy game, but in practice you will see that most of the levels are quite challenging, and solving all of them can take a lot of time, especially if you can't solve a level fast. But now you found this page and you will be able to solve every single level, because you can find the solutions to each level below.

Just chose the level you are stuck at to find the correct solution:


  1. I think there's a problem with Level 13 of 10 x 10. As it is represented, there is no solution. I can easily balance all the rows and columns, but only with 1 missing 2-string and 2 extra 1-strings. I wasted 3 hints trying to see the solution before the massage appeared that there is no hint for this. That confirmed my finding that the puzzle has an error and cannot be solved as it currently appears. I can see exactly which column number needs to be changed to fix this, but of course I can't edit the actual matrix. I also can't proceed unless I solve it! Any thoughts? Thank you. -Catherine

  2. MESSAGE, not massage! I got no massage. :D

    1. Well best way is to leave a comment on itunes, I see that on Google Play this game doesn't exists anymore.
      I'm sure they will fix it asap if someone pointed out the bug...

  3. here is the solution:


  4. added solutions for all the free levels, on paid levels i can't help :(

  5. I'm hooked on this game. Do you find you have to use trial and error to find solutions? Or are there usually deduction rules you can apply to find the dot groups?