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Escape: Castaway Walkthrough


  1. Notice the "8" on the palm tree, then look at the piece of wood on the sand that has on it "C*D*", flip the piece of wood and you will see "CABD". Move to the left and notice the other clue on the ship wreck "A*B*". From this you can find that C=4, A=5, B=8 and D=6
  2. Now use the code you found (4586) to open the lock on the red box inside the ship wreck. Inside you will find a blue fish key.
  3. Now go to the left area and use the blue key to open the wood box that is in the sand. You will find a small shovel and a paper with a clue.
  4. Move away the red star fish near the ship and use the small shovel to dig out a red treasure chest. Look on the left side of the chest to see a new code: "31232".
  5. Use the "31232" code and the hint on the green box cover to open it. Place the sliders like this: "1st-top 2nd-middle 3rd-bottom 4th-top and 5th-bottom". Now you can open the big door of the green locker and inside you will find a wood stick.
  6. Use the wood stick to take the bucket that is stuck in the rocks on the main area.
  7. Fill the bucket with water from the sea, then empty the bucket in the rock that has a wood box inside. A clue on how to open the box is written on it. Notice the clue on the other palm tree: "(R)ed (B)lue (Y)elllow (G)reen". Now tap the items on the box in the order given by the colors: TOP LEFT-BOTTOM RIGHT-TOP RIGHT-BOTTOM LEFT. You will find a fish hook bait inside.
  8. There is a book in the bottom drawer of the red box, with some important clues and a knife.
  9. Search for the numbers in each area:
    8 - on the palm tree
    4 - on the round disk
    3 - on the rocks.
    2 - on the stick.
  10. The clues in the journal gives you the order to make the code: "3284". Use it to open the top drawer in the red box. Inside you will find a rope. Combine the stick with the rope and the hook to make a fishing rod.
  11. Go on the big rock and catch a fish with the rod. Use the knife to cut the fish and reveal a key.
  12. Use the key to open the red treasure chest. Inside you will find a odd looking saw.
  13. Look for the clue that says that the diamonds=7. This will help you to solve the equations inside the cave and you will discover that the:
    Triangle = 5
    Circle = 3
    Square = 4
    Diamonds = 3
  14. So use the code 5343 to open the door inside the cave, and take the items that are inside.
  15. Look for the other notes in the main area, then dig the code panel that is buried in the sand. Enter the code "199" to open it, and take the nail polisher.
  16. Use the nail polish to cut the wire that raps the blue box in the cave closet. Take the silver key you find in it. Use the key to open the blue box inside the green locker near the ship. Inside you will find another piece of paper with a clue.
  17. Use the clue and the calendar to get the code: "4613". Use the code to open the box on the bottom shelf. Inside you will find another key. Use the key to open the top shelf. And take a wood handle.
  18. Polish the saw than use it to cut the palm trees
  19. Combine the remaining item in the inventory to build a raft.
  20. Place the raft in the water and use it to escape from the island.

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