Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Silent Age - Chapter 3 - Walkthrough

The Silent Age [Chapter 3 - The Machine] Walkthrough

Walk to the right side of the area and you will find a beam of light. The light will recharge your time-travel machine.

Travel back in time and go search inside the bag, on the motorcycle. You will find inside a blue screwdriver.

To the left side of the area there is a blue door. Use the blue screwdriver to open the blue door, and go inside.

Here you will find a yellow umbrella inside the black dumpster in the corner. Now travel to the future.

Go to the police car and search inside. You will find a nightstick. Now go to the first area (with the motorcycle) and go back in time.

Go to the far right side and use the umbrella to pull down the fire escape ladder. Climb the ladder and then climb up to the roof.

Take the yellow rag that is hanging on the rope. Now go to the future and you will find a hole in the roof. Go trough the hole.

Rip off the wallpaper and you will reveal a door. Now travel in the past.

Go to the window and open the curtains.

Now pick up the blue bucket with wallpaper glue inside. Go to the lamp and turn it on, and you will find a key inside. Take the key and use it to open the red door.

Now climb down and go to the plant near the motorcycle. Empty the contents of the blue bucket inside the plant pot, this will kill the plant and it will not be in the future anymore.

Now go back up the ladder, and travel to the future. Try to open the door, it will not open but the handle will came off. Go inside the other room.

Use the handle to open the blue door that was masked by the wallpaper.

Now go to the window, use the nightstick to break it, than use the yellow carpet to cover the broken glass, and go trough the window.

The Silent Age [Chapter 3] Walkthrough Answer, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "The Silent Age" by "House on Fire"


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