Friday, July 11, 2014

Cover Orange Level 1-39 Solution

Note: You must time the drop of the second barrel right, so that the orange will be catapulted on the right platform.

Cover Orange is a unique puzzle game with beautiful designed levels. You have to help the oranges to take cover from the angry cloud and his deadly rain drops. You get in each level different items raging from wheels to barrels, boxes and triangles. You have to drop this items in the right spot to build a shelter that will offer cover for the oranges. If you can't pass Level 1-39 you can see the correct solution here.

Cover Orange Level 1-39 Answer, Cheat, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad.
Note: This is "Cover Orange" by "FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG"


  1. I just drop blue bucket quickly on right of rolling orange and it stops its rolling. Then everything is jsut easy. I don't even use that wooden stick.

    --- Balmydrizzle

    1. Nice one, didn't crossed my mind to do that when I played it.