Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guess The 90's - Leve 7 Answers

Answers in Level 7 are:

  • Fresh Prince (TV Shows) - a family of black people, among them you can see Will Smith
  • Skechers (Shoes) - a pair of white shoes
  • Dawsons Creek (TV Show) - a group of people, outside in nature. There are two guys and two girls, and a car behind them
  • Chris Farley (Actor) - the face of a fat man with blond, messy, hair
  • Carmen Sandiego (Game) - a cartoon, red-headed, girl, wearing a red coat and a red hat
  • Gak (Toys) - a man dressed in green, holding a pink gooie thing.
  • Devon Sawa (Actor) - a blonde boy wearing a blue shirt and jeans
  • Boy Meets World (TV Show) - 3 boys hugging a girl
  • Brooke Shields (Actress) - a girl with long brown hair wearing a white shirt and a blue jacket. 
  • Steve Urkel (Character) - a black boy with glasses, wearing jeans and a green coat.

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