Sunday, May 4, 2014

Guess The 90's - Leve 17 Answers

Answers in Level 17 are:

  • Nancy Kerrigan (Sports Figure) - a woman ice skater
  • Vanilla Ice (Musician) - a boy wearing america's flag
  • Kimmy Gibbler (Character) - a blonde girl dressed in red
  • Pulp Fiction (Movies) - a group of 4 people, two wearing suits, and one in an white jacket, sitting down
  • Tori Spelling (Actress) - a blonde girl holding a blue pen
  • The Dream Team (Sports Figure) - a basketball team picture in front of the american flag
  • Chokers (Clothing & Apparel) - the face of the girl, wearing a necklace on her neck
  • Wu Tang Clan (Band) - the black shape that looks like a "W"
  • La Gear (Shoes) - a pair of shoes colored in black, white and red
  • Korn (Band) - a group of 5 people, with a red background

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