Friday, April 25, 2014

Can You Escape - Adventure Level 12


  1. Tap  the skeleton on the left and take the black thing on it.
  2. Tap  the are above the skeleton and take the rectangular thing.
  3. Click on the middle area of the ground and pick up the wooden stick.
  4. Tap the large rock on the right side and use the stick to lift it.
  5. Combine the two items in your inventory to make a flashlight, and use it to light the dark hole.
  6. Take the round object from the hole.
  7. Take a knife from the skeleton that is in the upper part.
  8. Tap the large rock in the middle and use the knife to cut to plants that covers the rock.
  9. Place the round object in the hole and tap it. Move the two golden coins to the holes.
  10. The path is now open.

Can You Escape - Adventure [Level 12] Cheats, Solution, Walkthrough for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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