Friday, August 16, 2013

Guess The Character: Cartoon Walkthrough

Can you recognize all the cartoon characters that you've seen in famous cartoons? Well Guess The Character: Cartoon will put you to the test... Every famous character is here.

Chose bellow the level you got stuck at:


  1. to whoever takes care of this level 35 answers are 1. Cogsworth 2. Louis 3. Grandma 4. Vidia 5. Fairy Mary 6. Anton Ego 7. Queen Elenor 8. Tiger Lily 9. Wall E 10. Merlin 11. The Evil Queen 12. Ray 13. Terk 14. Flora 15. Li Shang 16. Percy......hopes this helps

    1. Oh, didn't knew there was a new uodate. It heps for sure...
      I will post the update tomorrow


  2. Level 37: Gus, James Smith, Wendy, Drizella, Mickey Mouse, Syndrome, Scat Cat, Minnie Mouse, Captain Amelia, Frozone, Faline, Madame Medusa, Phoebus, Rosetta, Toulouse, Jaq