Tuesday, March 31, 2015

4 Products/Pics 1 Brand Answers

4 Products/Pics 1 Brand answers for all the levels of the game made by S Quiz It!. You will have to guess various brands in this game only by looking at 4 pictures representative to that product. The levels are grouped in thematic packs, like Foodie Delight, Beauty Beast, Kids Playground, All Wheels, Fun Blast, Tangled Web, Electric Circus and Sports.
There are over 300 levels that you will have to solve, and finding all the solutions is not so easy... I will try to help you pass every level in 4 Products/Pics 1 Brand, just pick the one you can't resolve below to see the solution.

Note: Since the last update of the game the levels are randomized on each device. There are just 30 levels in each pack so you will easily find your answer by looking at all of them, if your level numbering doesn't correspond to the one here.
If you are to lazy to search, just describe the 4 pics in your level, in a comment, and i will do the work :)


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