Monday, February 9, 2015

Break The Ice: Snow World Walkthrough

Break The Ice: Snow World is an block moving puzzle game made by BitMango. Your job is to make all the blocks disappear. To do so you need to align 3 or more blocks on the same line to make them disappear, and you have to do so until there are no blocks left. The only catch is that you have a limited amount of moves and if you don't manage to solve the level using the given moves you will have to restart it.
Some levels in Break The Ice: Snow World are tricky to solve, especially if you want to get the 3 stars, so you will find often levels that won't be easy to solve.
I will help you solve those levels, on this page you will find links to the solutions for all the levels in Break The Ice: Snow World, just pick a level below to learn what ice blocks you have to move to solve it.


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